homologous :

Alignments for category homologous

accession codenamecategorylength
AL00069572 Activating enzymes of ubiquitin-like proteins homologous 212
AL00050692 ADC-like homologous 171
AL00053617 Adenosine kinase homologous 346
AL00051906 Adrenodoxin reductase, C-terminal domain-like homologous 265
AL10069117 AhpD-like homologous 168
AL00069381 Alpha subunit of glutamate synthase, central and FMN domains homologous 469
AL00064294 Autoinducer-2 production protein LuxS homologous 146
AL00050876 Avidin/streptavidin-like homologous 125
AL00102031 AXH domain homologous 127
AL00063492 BAG domain homologous 104
AL00050685 Barwin-like endoglucanases homologous 206
AL10050335 biMOP-like homologous 140
AL00052441 Biotin carboxylase (BC), N-terminal domain-like homologous 143
AL00052113 BRCT domain homologous 99
AL10050875 Calycins homologous 167
AL00053473 Cannonical alpha/beta hydrolyses homologous 457
AL00050155 Cannonical PDZ domains homologous 108
AL00053335 Cannonical S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent methyltransferases homologous 306
AL00055637 Cell cycle regulatory proteins homologous 79
AL00048599 Chorismate mutase II homologous 261
AL00052317 Class I glutamine amidotransferase (GAT) -like homologous 387
AL00057468 Classical and nonclassical Kazal-type domains. homologous 55
AL00088995 CUE domain homologous 41
AL00051324 Cyanovirin-N homologous 101
AL00054403 Cystatin/Monellin-like homologous 108
AL00054407 Cystatins homologous 112
AL00089800 Deoxycytidylate deaminase-like homologous 152
AL00069394 Deoxyribose-phosphate aldolase DeoC homologous 245
AL00052141 DNA glycosylases - a common domain core homologous 215
AL00050465 EF-Tu/eEF-1alpha/eIF2-gamma C-terminal domain homologous 117
AL00050083 EPS8 SH3 domain homologous 59
AL00054790 Eukaryotic type KH-domain (KH-domain type I) homologous 89
AL00052150 FabD/lysophospholipase-like homologous 557
AL00051913 FAD-linked reductases, N-terminal domain-like homologous 441
AL00051904 FAD/NAD(P)-binding domain homologous 372
AL00068994 FAT domain of focal adhesion kinase homologous 125
AL00050847 Fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) homologous 142
AL00047241 Ferritin-like homologous 152
AL00101117 Flagellar export chaperone FliS homologous 110
AL00050475 FMN-binding split barrel homologous 209
AL00051395 FMN-linked oxidoreductases - like homologous 500
AL00054253 GABARAP/GATE-16/LC3/ATG12 family homologous 88
AL00051931 GDI/CHM/REP family, N-terminal domain-like homologous 479
AL10054593 Glyoxalase/Bleomycin resistance protein/Dihydroxybiphenyl dioxygenase homologous 438
AL00057282 Grasshopper inhibitor family homologous 32
AL00055563 Growth factor receptor-bound protein 2 (GRB2) homologous 95
AL00057413 Hairpin-loop-domain homologous 83
AL00054624 Heme-binding protein A (HasA) homologous 173
AL00055594 HPr-like homologous 84
AL00051412 Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) - like homologous 488
AL00047305 Interferons/Interleukin-10 (IL-10) family homologous 147
AL00050021 ISP domain homologous 190
AL10101215 KaiA/RbsU dimer homologous 180
AL00101215 KaiA/RbsU domain homologous 90
AL00102449 KaiB/SasA homologous 93
AL00069960 Kazal-type proteinase inhibitor LEKTI, domain 1 and 6 homologous 54
AL00051306 LexA/Signal peptidase homologous 229
AL00050815 Lipocalins homologous 171
AL10050815 Lipocalins/Triabin homologous 138
AL00063410 LuxS/MPP-like metallohydrolases homologous 206
AL10063410 LuxS/MPP/ThrRS/AlaRS common domain homologous 176
AL00046695 MAT alpha2 homologous 77
AL20089447 MazE/MraZ/AbrB homologous 122
AL00056022 Mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint protein mad2 homologous 185
AL00055723 Mog1p/PsbP-like homologous 201
AL00050331 MOP-like homologous 64
AL00063412 MPP-like homologous 206
AL00051984 MurCD N-terminal domain homologous 89
AL00051735 NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-fold domains homologous 324
AL00051971 Nucleotide-binding domain homologous 333
AL00055464 Origin of replication-binding domain, RBD-like homologous 205
AL00110848 ParB/Sulfiredoxin homologous 73
AL00053701 Phosphoglucose isomerase, PGI homologous 513
AL00052787 Phosphotyrosine protein phosphatases type I -like homologous 162
AL00052799 Phosphotyrosine protein phosphatases type II homologous 306
AL00050799 PK beta-barrel domain-like homologous 186
AL00100897 Plant proteinase inhibitors - PotII family ( known also as Pin2 family) homologous 48
AL00089048 Polcalcin homologous 76
AL00054097 Prion-like proteins homologous 100
AL00054814 Prokaryotic type KH domain, KH-domain type II homologous 97
AL10050155 Protease specific and cannonicalPDZ domains homologous 116
AL10074933 Protease specific PDZ-domains homologous 113
AL00053354 Protein-L-isoaspartyl O-methyltransferases (PIMT) homologous 215
AL00100877 Pseudouridine synthases homologous 277
AL00103575 PSI-domain homologous 66
AL00109622 PurS-like homologous 157
AL00050779 Radixin, third FERM domain homologous 106
AL00048098 Regulator of G-protein signaling, RGS homologous 122
AL00103120 Relaxase domain homologous 301
AL00052821 Rhodanese/Cell cycle control phosphatase homologous 162
AL00053614 Ribokinase-like homologous 380
AL00089623 Ribose isomerase RpiB homologous 145
AL00050715 Ribosomal protein L25/GlnRS homologous 119
AL00051366 Ribulose-phoshate binding beta/alpha-barrels homologous 366
AL00063563 RNA polymerase omega subunit homologous 91
AL00055294 RPB6 homologous 73
AL00056276 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (AdoMetDC) homologous 302
AL10056276 S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase structural repeats homologous 127
AL00063763 SAND domain-like homologous 75
AL00047861 Saposin-like homologous 78
AL00053697 SIS domain-like homologous 235
AL00049879 SMAD/FHA domain homologous 234
AL00052186 Sporulation response regulator Spo0A (N-Spo0A) homologous 123
AL00054446 ssDNA-binding transcriptional regulator domain homologous 161
AL00055398 Subtilisin inhibitors homologous 107
AL00051934 Succinate dehydrogenase/fumarate reductase flavoprotein N-terminal domain homologous 356
AL00051392 Thiamin phosphate synthase - like homologous 205
AL00110400 ThiG-like homologous 242
AL00055186 ThrRS/AlaRS common domain homologous 162
AL00074653 TolA/TonB C-terminal domain homologous 69
AL00089155 TorD-like homologous 202
AL00049599 TRAF domain-like homologous 153
AL10050464 Translation factors, domains 2 and 3 homologous 123
AL00057492 Trefoil homologous 46
AL00051352 Triosephosphate isomerase (TIM) homologous 264
AL00103021 tRNA pseudouridine synthase TruD homologous 409
AL00051713 tRNA-guanine transglycosylase - like homologous 369
AL00053377 Type II DNA methylases homologous 281
AL10053377 Type II DNA methylases and cannonical methyltransferases homologous 309